viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008

There is a train

If you're having to wait for the train, the likelihood is that either you're early, or the train is late. Saying that, it's probably the latter. If the train was on time, the train company wouldn't let it run. While you wait for the train to turn up, you can indulge in the age-old British traditional game of standing at the edge of the platform and looking along the line, occasionally looking at your watch and tutting. A variant on this is standing further back on the platform, next to the timetable, occasionally tracing it with your finger before looking at your watch and tutting.

You will also probably hear an annoying voice crackle into life, and say "We are sorry to announce that the 11.27 South West Trains service to Guildford has been delayed by approximately [long pause] 31 [long pause] minutes. This is due to the late running of an incoming train from [long pause] Guildford."2 This will cause everyone on the platform to look at the timetable, look at their watch, and tut.

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