sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2007

La belleza no es sincera

When Ron was in sixth grade, a girl in his class invited everyone to her birthday party. When he arrived, she looked at him and said, 'Ron! I didn't expect you to come!' He doesn't remember now whether he stayed at the party, but he does remember the feeling he had, the lesson he learned.
"Even though people invite you, it doesn't mean they are sincere about it. The truth is that people with average intelligence are a bit resentful. Throughout their entire schooling, they've had to compete with these people who seem to find it easy to get straight A's, and they're working hard just to get B's and C's. If you were normal size, and you had to spend every day of your life out on a football field being run over by a three- hundred-pound guy, you'd start to resent him. It's just like that. (...) "I don't know how people with low IQs get along", Ron says. "I've had it so hard -and if I've had it hard, how do people with less ability have it? It seems like a miracle that people can find a way to live if they don't have any special talents".


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