viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

Just how stupid and easily pleased do they presume we are?

1. Kutcher's win was a triumph for the little guy. Um, wrong. Kutcher ain't no little guy. To state the obvious, he's a genetically blessed professional performer (before he was an actor, he was a Calvin Klein model). He had a prime-time TV sitcom that ran for eight seasons on Fox and remains in syndication in dozens of countries around the world, was the creator and star of MTV's "Punk'd," and is a multimillionaire reality-TV mini mogul (e.g., "Beauty and the Geek"). As Dr. Michal Ann Strahilevitz, professor of marketing at Golden Gate University, put it in a comment on "Ashton Kutcher is not famous for his Twittering, but for his TV shows. If he had never been on TV, he would not have a huge Twitter following. ... If Oprah and Ashton stopped all TV appearances and just moved to Twitter as their only method of communicating with their followers, I am pretty darn sure their Twitter followers would start to drop off."

2. In Kutcher's words (in his streaming video announcement of his win): "One man can have a voice that's as loud as an entire media company."
Um, wrong. As a CNN employee in New York wryly e-mailed me, "Last I checked, CNN is still on the air 24 hours a day around the globe." Yeah, turns out that's true. See, in addition to its assorted semi-useful Twitter streams, CNN is available on TVs in not only 93 million U.S. households, but in more than 200 countries. Just because Ashton Kutcher and CNN both use a free tool, Twitter, to promote themselves doesn't mean they have "voice" parity, for chrissakes. If access to cheap or free digital megaphones were all that mattered, Estonian spammers would be more powerful than God.

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