domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Then we drove like the devil between bullets and crashed cars

I am Attorney-General Loering, he said slowly. You have not only killed my poor chauffuer, but me too, I fancy. Why did you shoot on us?
―For exceeding the speed limit.
―We were not traveling at more than normal speed.
―What was normal yesterday is no longer normal today, Mr. Attorney-General. We are of the opinion that whatever speed a motorcar travels is too great. We are destroying all cars and all other machines also.
―Your rifles too?
―Their turn will come, granted we have the time. Presumably by tomorrow or the day after we shall all be done for. You know, of course, that this part of the world was shockingly overpopulated. Well, now we are going to let in a little air.
―Are you shooting every one, without distinction?
―Certainly. In many cases it may no doubt be a pity. I'm sorry, for example, about this charming young lady. Your daughter, I presume.
―No. She is my stenographer.
―So much the better. And now will you please get out, or let us carry you out, as the car is to be destroyed.
―I prefer to be destroyed with it.
―As you wish. But allow me to ask you one more question. You are a public prosecutor. I never understand how a man could be a public prosecutor. You make your living by bringing other men, poor devils mostly, to trial and passing sentence on them. Isn't that so?
―It is. I do my duty. It was my office. Exactly as it is the office of the hangmen to hang those whom I condemn to death. You too have assumed a like office. You kill people also.
―Quite true. Only we do not kill from duty, bet pleasure, or much more, rather, from displeasure and despair of the world. For this reason we find a certain amusement in killing people. Has it never amused you?

HERMAN HESSE: The Steppenwolf

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