jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

I just wanna be your lover

As I get older the adoration increases. I'm never without him… It's like carrying your rosary around with you". Wilde is, as Morrissey suggests, not only a literary figure but also an attitude, a stance, a sexuality even. Wilde represents isolation within one's own world and at the same time a very grand set of theories about the most irrelevant or absurd things. Similarly, Morrissey says that, "Going into Ryman's [the stationer's] is the most extreme sexual experience one could have". Elements of his pithier statements obviously reflect the Wilde notion of the extreme and improbable aphorism that sets one apart from one's contemporaries and establishes one as something of a bohemian. Some of the more notable examples from interviews have been, "I think a sex symbol is possibly the best thing to be", "If you've got a grain of intellect you run the risk of making your critics seem dull. So people feel the need to adopt the most violent attitude, even when they like you", "I would never, ever do anything as vulgar as having fun". As in the case of Wilde, this catalogue of amusing statements that amount to nothing in particular except self- promotion can be and is compiled frequently into pretty little books of quotations to be read while doing one's teeth or washing the dog.


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Raul Masa dijo...

En inglés??

Así no hay quien se aclare.

Un saludo

Alexander Glass dijo...

Morrisey, que grande! No es de extrañar que Wilde le influya. Entre genios...

P.S.: Veo en el link tambien lo de la admiración de Stephen Fry por Wilde(aunque en este caso el parecido es mas que notable, no?). Este actor esta muy leido porque hace poco me topé con un escrito suyo en una antología de P.G. Woodhouse.