sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2007

Amor o lo que sea

I'm completely unable to reconcile the differences between men and women. It seems like success with women is equal to spending half of your life working to create a giant illusion, something vastly tiring and annoying, while sacrificing your own true self and your own interests. We construct our lives around nest-building. We're like male birds building nests and showing them off to attract mates. It's pathetic. Everything we do is to get women. It is a fucking shit deal.

Someone needs to invent a drug which has no hormonal imbalance side-effects but is able to erase a man's sex drive and attraction to women. It would increase productivity rates to incredible heights. I'd be free and happy. I'd feel complete. I'd be able to concentrate on my biochemistry studying.

Busco chica entre 20-40 años, que se acueste conmigo de vez en cuando a cambio de que le pague algún que otro caprichito, los cubatas si algún día quieres salir conmigo, una comida, un viajecito de fin de semana, se venga a bañar en la piscina de mi casa en verano, ya sabes lo que quiero decir. No te pediré que me quieras, que me aprecies como persona, que seas mi amiga. Solo que estés dispuesta a darme algo que incluso los más feos necesitamos, y me trates con un mínimo de respeto. Yo seré agradecido y respetuso contigo, y espero que también lo seas tú conmigo.

Jane, the only girl who I ever seriously told myself I was going to marry (practically love before first-sight), ends up marrying the very first guy she goes out with during the time I'm too anxious and inexperienced to even have a full conversation with her? It's painful, my friends. It was painful every time I saw them on campus, but I was doing well until I saw them again tonight. It took me a while (months, or a year?) to become seriously interested in other girls again - but I'd been doing quite while. Out of sight, out of mind eventually kicked in.

If everybody minded their own business, the world would go round a deal faster than it does.

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